Tips When Dealing with a Bear

In the wilderness, it's likely you will come in contact with other creatures….often ones that are bigger than you are and may be hungry or a defensive mother.

One of the more dangerous animals you may find yourself near out in the wild is a bear. In order to deal with this situation in a safe manner, you need to consider these tips.

Retreat Back Slowly

If the bear has not seen you yet, it’s important to remain very still. Any sudden movements may draw the bear’s attention, and they may then move to your location to inspect things. After several minutes, try to retreat backward without making any loud noises whatsoever. Try to avoid going downwind of the bear, as this may give the bear the chance to pick up your scent.

Speak to the Bear

If the bear has spotted you and it’s a couple of hundred feet away, you need to speak to the bear. This lets it know that you are not an animal. Then, try to back away as slowly as possible, keeping a soothing voice. Make sure you never turn your back on the bear, as they could attack and you would never know it.

Try to detour upwind so that the bear can’t pick up your scent and then follow you. You might even want to put your hands up in the air, moving them in a subtle motion. This might help the bear realize that you are a human.

Climb a Tree

If the bear has spotted you and they are showing signs of aggression, you need to be calm. Do not move for several minutes. Then, try to slowly walk backyard, keeping an eye on the bear the entire time. You should then find a tree to climb, so that the bear can’t hurt you. Once the situation is okay and the bear has left, you can climb back down the tree.

Finding yourself near a bear can be a frightening experience out in the wild. In order to get through this difficult time, you can consider these tips.

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