Live Off The Grid Anywhere In The World – In The Ecocapsule!


This small, sleek, egg shaped home is called  – the Ecocapsule, the latest in tiny home living from Nice Architects.

The Ecocapsule is big enough for two people, in it's 86 square feet of well-designed  living space, weighs 3,300 pounds and is capable for off-the-grid living for up to a year. It is powered by a retractable wind turbine and solar panels.



Image Credit: Nice Architects

Image Credit: Nice Architects

The Ecocapsule has all the modern conveniences of a normal house with a built-in kitchenette with running water, flushing toilet and a shower with hot running water included.  Water is collected through a rainwater collection and purification system complete with a overflow valve in the case of heavy rain.

According to Nice Architects, they are set to begin shipping the Capsules in 2016, They envision the use of the Ecocapsule as modern camping suites, research stations or even as emergency residences. Currently, it's not clear how much this pod will set you back, but prices are due to be released later this year.

Featured Image Credit: Nice Architects

Check out the video below:

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