Building with Cob: A practical shelter solution for a changing society!

Cobb solution2

Cob construction: A practical shelter solution.

Natural buildings, such as a cob built home, is a practical and healthier solution for many as they are built with natural materials.

Cob construction is an earthen building material that is made of clay, sand, straw, and water. It has been used for thousands of years to construct homes and buildings. It has been used all over the world, but has only just begun to pick up interest in the United States.

Did you know that about 30 percent of the world’s population lives in earthen homes? In fact, cob type homes are offering new advantages and opportunities to the developed world. For example, building with earth and other natural materials is becoming a more feasable solution to our world’s energy and consumption problems. Cob is a relatively inexpensive, and is sustainable as a building material, and ecologically friendly.

Many people may be able to afford to buy land, but cannot afford the cost of building a conventional home. Cob homes offer a much less expensive alternative

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