50 + Cool Straw Bale House Plans


50+ Straw Bale House Plans

Straw bale houses are a cheaper option to regular, stick built homes. This design also carries naturally a greater “R value”, (measure of insulation protection) in a straw built house.

Straw bale construction uses baled straw from wheat, barley, rye, oats, rice and others in walls covered by earthen or lime stucco. Straw bale is usually considered a waste product which farmers do not till under the soil, but do sell as animal bedding or landscape supply. In many areas of the country however, it is also burned, causing severe air quality problems.

A practical, cost effective alternative, is to use straw bales in home construction. It makes perfect sense, don't you think?

A straw bale house can also easily be built in stages, and pay as you go, without taking out a loan to build.

Check out the FREE plans by clicking on the link below. There are loads of different options, from small to large plans and great photos too!

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