Waterproof DIY Survival FIRE Kit – Start a fire under any conditions!

fire starter4

Waterproof, DIY,  survival fire kit. A simple kit that you can build and take with you anywhere!

Along with food, water and shelter, being able to start a fire is a high priority in a survival situation. Fire making is one of the most basic skills to have, yet it is amazing how many people are unable to start a fire without dry wood and fuel at hand.

What is needed are the proper materials to start a fire. The fire kit outlined in the video below, has 3 sources of ignition and tinder to keep you alive in severe conditions. It is great for camping, hunting, survival, emergencies, bug out bags, get home bags and for including in other emergency or survival kits.

Materials needed (Details in YouTube  video) – Witz Waterproof Case, Cotton Balls, Petroleum Jelly, Triple Antibiotic, Zip Seal Bag, 2 Lighters, Duct Tape, UCO Waterproof Matches, Wet Fire, Magnesium Fire Starter.

fire starter4

Take a Few Minutes and Check Out the Video Below.

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