This Little Bag Can Save Your Life! A Compact Survival Kit for Emergencies

survival kit

 A Compact survival kit for emergency situations.


A kit designed to hold what's needed in a survival situation without a lot of extra weight or space needed.

Included are some well thought-out items that would be suited for bugging out or for everyday carry.

Store in a secure place in the house, car, boat, or a variety of other locations.
Below is a resource list of some of the items included in the bag. They can be found on Amazon competitively priced:

Check Out the Resource list below, and also the Video at the bottom of the page under the list:

Voodoo Tactical Deployment Bag Options

Tac-Links itw tac link

Repel Bug Spray

Mechanix Gloves

Orange Bandana

Compass Options

Princeton Tec Headlamp

Winchester MultiTool

Duct Tape Options

Survival Fishing Kit

Potable Aqua

Cold Steel Tuff Lite

Metal Cup

Corona Folding Saw

UST Base Kit 2.0

Fire Steel

KaBar BK2

Emergency Mylar Blankets



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