The Six Essential Knots You Need To Know

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Six Essential Knots You Need To Know

The most common (and essential) six knots that everyone should know how to tie.

Knot tying might not cross your mind when you’re thinking about acquiring skills you would need to survive in the wilderness, but knowing different knots could save your life. Different knots are used in building, setting snares and traps, setting up a fishing line, and climbing. Whether we are in a survival situation or simply living our day to day life, knowing how to tie the correct knot for the situation is important, even essential. If you don’t use the correct knot, you risk having your line or rope come undone, or having to cut your line or rope because the knot won’t come out.

Most of the time, however, you’re only going to need to know a few knots really well, and be able to tie them every time without slipping up.

The knots covered in this video are the following:

Simple half hitch, A square knot, The sheet bend, A double sheet bend, Bowline, Backhand hitch.

I know it may be a little tedious and boring to watch someone tie knots, but it is an essential skill to become familiar with, something you'll be thankful to know for the future.

Check out the video at the bottom of the page to learn more. Check it out and tell us what you think.


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