An Urban Algae Farm That Eats Up Highway Pollution!

A Highway Urban Algae Farm That Eats Up Highway Pollution

A French and Dutch design firm has teamed up to develop an amazingly simple way to harness the power of nature in order to help clean up the environment. We're talking about a algae farm suspended over an overpass on a small stretch of highway in Geneva, Switzerland.




The algae family are a diverse group of organisms that generate energy from photosynthesis using sunlight and carbon dioxide, and producing oxygen as a result. Being along a highway, there's plenty of CO2 to utilize, a perfect combination and environment to set up an urban algae farm.



The bioreactor consists of a closed system of clear, algae-filled tubes that are hooked up to  pumps, filters and solar panels. With an abundance of sunlight and CO2, the algae inside the tubes mature and bloom inside the tubes, filtering the air before being extracted and is used for a variety of applications. According to the inventor of the concept, Cloud Collective, the material can be used to create bio-diesel, green electricity, cosmetic products, medication, or even a variety of foods.

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Check out the video of the system below, courtesy of the Cloud Collective




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