How to Make Free and Virtually Unlimited Fuel to Heat Your Home

Make Your Own Unlimited Fuel to Heat Your Home!

What do we all normally have a lot of, that we just end of throwing away or recycling? PAPER.  Every day we have loads of paper ending up in our house, from mail we receive daily, food packaging, and other merchandise packages that pile up in our trash cans.

Instead of spending more money (or paying someone else) to haul all this paper to the dump (and filling up the landfill) or to the recycling plant, why not put it to good use in your own home?

As you will learn, the initial process of making the paper logs / firewood is fairly quick and simple. It does take some time however for the logs to dry. Therefore, it is best to do during the hot summer months and use a sunny, dry spot for this.

The pictures and video on pages 2 and 3 will show you an easy way to turn all this paper into fuel to heat your home. for virtually Free!

Follow the simple steps below:

Basically, the process involves drilling holes in a 5 plastic gallon Bucketfirewood2

Add paper and water


Blending and mixing into a pulp slurry


Drain water using a wooden block


Here's the Finished Product

At this point, you can use a machete or long blade to cut the log into smaller pieces if you wish



Start making the firewood in late spring / early summer and continue throughout the summer. By the end of summer, you should have quite a supply to use over the following winter.


Learn more about making your own free and unlimited fuel to heat your home by clicking the video below.


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