The InStove – The wood stove that makes electricity is put to the test!

The Firevolt Project has recently released a couple of new videos, demonstrating the power output of the InStove (see videos below), and the results are quite impressive.


According to the developers, the InStove has a thermoelectric Core that is scalable, solid state, and produces up to 250+ Watts DC Electrical output, (or 500+ Watts DC capable on the InStove 100L). That means it is powerful enough to supply electricity to an entire tiny house or at least supplement a larger one, at the same time providing all the domestic hot water you need.

For all these reasons, this amazing stove would obviously be perfect for Homestead or Off Grid applications.

As mentioned in the previous article, the stove is already in use in many parts of the world including some third world countries, where many people don't have access to dependable electricity.

I invite you to check out both videos below, and let us know what you think.

Video 1

Video 2

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