Portable USB Solar Charger – for Bug Out Bag, Survival Gear


Portable USB Solar Charger and Review

Here's a great little device that will charge your USB powered devices (cell phones, tablet computers etc) from the sun. Perfect to consider for your Bug Out bag, in an off-grid setting,or just to have around the house in case of a power outage.

It's called the Anker 14 Watt Dual Port Solar Charger with PowerIQ Technology.

It is a folding solar panel engineered to stand up to the elements. The nice thing about this charger is that it's powerful enough to charge 2 USB devices at the same time from the sun.


It also has “PowerIQ” Technology: Ie detects your particular device to deliver its fastest possible charge speed up to 2 amps under direct sunlight.


I've seen a lot of DIY projects online to build your own solar charger, but this is a great option for those who are not inclined to build their own device, or just don't have the time to do so.

The dimensions are 11 X 7 inches folded, about the size of a sheet of paper, but thicker.

The best price I could find was on Amazon for just under $40. Not a bad price for what you get.

There are smaller, cheaper chargers out there, but this one delivers great value, at an affordable price.

The review below explains some of the great features of the charger and gives a demo of the product.

Click on the link and video below for more.

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