Boondocking in an RV vs Apartment Living; Calculating the costs


Boondocking Vs Apartment Living

Have you ever thought about simplifying your life. freeing yourself up, perhaps selling most of your possessions, scaling down dramatically and living out of an RV?

I've thought about the possibility, weighed the options, and the results I came up with are quite interesting.

Regarding that, I came across this video the other day – It was filmed by a guy named Eric, otherwise known as the “Nomadic Fanatic”.

He's a full-time “Boondocker”, and as a result, he's able to live very frugally and inexpensively.

So, what is Boondocking anyway? Boondocking is a very inexpensive way to live out of an RV. Boondocking basically parking in a spot where you can (often legally) stay for free. This could be anywhere from a county park to a shopping center parking lot to BLM (Bureau of Land Management), USFS (US Forest Service), or FWS (US Fish & Wildlife Service) lands. Of course, the downsides are, there are usually no electrical hookups, no water or sewage hookups, usually no Internet (unless you can find an open wi-fi nwtwork nearby). Your particular rig must be able to accommodate any needs you may have (ie, backup batteries powered by solar panels, water tanks for drinking, washing, etc. or a generator to provide power).

In the video below, Eric gives a breakdown of exactly how much it costs him to live in his RV every month, mainly by boondocking. He also does a comparison of RV costs verses cost of Apartment living.

Take a few minutes and check out the video below.


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