Build an awesome DIY backyard Fire Pit for cheap!


Build an awesome DIY backyard Fire Pit for cheap!

Fall is really setting in in some parts of the country, and the weather is cooling off. It would be nice to have a firepit in the yard for those cool evenings. But we don't want to spend a lot of money.

Here's a way..  use concrete. For just a few bucks you can buy a bag and utilize things laying around the house to make an awesome firepit!

All that's needed is concrete, a bucket, 2 different sized plastic planter boxes, sandpaper, trowel, a couple of bricks and vegetable oil.

Materials needed

Materials needed


This is a super simple method that involves using the planter boxes as forms to pour the concrete in between.


The entire DIY method is outlined in the video.

Go ahead and check out the video below. Your comments are welcome below.



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