Amazing Homemade DIY Gasifier uses Wood Pellets to Power Generator!


An amazing wood pellet burning machine that can fuel a generator – a renewable and sustainable energy source!

The Gasifier uses a process called “Gasification”.

Gasification is a process that converts organic or fossil fuel based carbonaceous materials into carbon monoxide, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. This is achieved by reacting these materials at high temperatures (>700 °C, 1300 °F), without combustion, using a controlled amount of oxygen and/or steam.

The origins of Gasifier technology date back as far as the 1600's, when in 1609, the Belgian chemist Jan Van Helmont found that gas was produced from heating wood and coal. Toward the end of the 1600's John Clayton experiemented collecting gas from coal.

By the early 1800's, the Baltimore Gas company began widespread use of gas lighting using this method and by the 1930's, at least 20,000 gasifiers were operating in the United States.
The video below shows how a gasifier can power a generator, eliminating the need for gasoline and thereby supplying a renewable and sustainable energy source.

Gasifier fuel powering a generator

Gasifier fuel powering a generator

Wood pellets are the preferred fuel, but there are other Gasifier designs that can be used with different types of firewood.

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Check out the video below for more info, and tell us what you think!

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