[Video] How to Survive in the Wilderness for 1 week

Check out these survival video resource from Tom Mcelroy-Wild Survival and he uses nothing but a folding pocket knife and his survival skills.

Part I shows:

  • How to build a simple shelter
  • How to make a container and collect water
  • How to make a fire (using a bow and spindle)
  • How to make a fishing line and hook

 Part II goes over:

  • How to build a Paiute Deadfall trap
  • How to construct a live fish trap
  • How to make a bark basket
  • How to make a steamer to cook fish

Note, to save time, I found it cool to increase the video playback speed by clicking on the gear icon -> then click on Speed, after starting the video. Helps to go through the material in less time.

Part I:

Click on Next below to watch Part II.

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